Art direction, creative concepting, motion graphics, graphic design, AI art

Personal Project, 2022

In the context of the project, the idea of euthymia was used as a starting point to explore the potential of computer-generated art to create a sense of emotional equilibrium and balance in the viewer. While experimenting with the ArtBreeder platform, I observed that the morphism of shapes appeared to be erratic at first glance, yet it possessed a certain balance, rhythm, and natural progression similar to the concept of euthymia, which served as a guiding principle throughout the project.

By juxtaposing the unpredictable and chaotic nature of neural network-generated moving imagery with the more familiar and organic  shapes  and  dimensions often  found in nature, the project aimed to create a visual experience that would induce a sense of calm and stability in the viewer. Through the exploration of the potential of physicality in computer-generated art, the project aims  to explore the existing artistic  discourse and expand the understanding of what is considered art in today’s theory.

Art director, photographer and designer:
Anastasija Labekina @byanalabekina