Welcome to my digital realm.

1 - I live and work in London for the past 3 years and as a visual artist, I find inspiration in the dynamic tapestry of my surroundings. Contemporary art, critical theories, media trajectories and popular culture serve as the foundation for my artistic exploration.

2 - I am particularly captivated by installation art and time-based media. In these art forms, I am interested those that delve into themes of belonging, liminality, the fourth dimension, the post-human condition, and everything in between. ‘Futurism’ and technology, with its boundless potential, inspire me to think about how we can use it wisely to push the constraints of human perspectives on life.

3 - Despite my interest in dystopian art expressions, I believe that life often imitates art. If we don’t ideate about a great future, we will not be able to build it. I hail from the shores of the Baltic Sea in Klaipeda, Lithuania and my artistic journey encompasses the solace and wisdom often found in nature.

4 - This profound connection echoes through my projects, effortlessly merging visuals inspired by technology with organic shapes.
In this pursuit, I seek a radical yet ethical intersection where technology, art, and nature harmoniously coexist. Hence, here I present a curated collection of art that has inspired and moved me along this journey.