Art direction, UX design, 3D art

Personal, 2023

︎︎︎ Using a newly released platform for 3D art Womp︎︎︎, I have decided to explore how 3D abstract art can be used to enhance compelling storytelling on a landing page. These shapes are a starting point for the project, while I am developing a fully responsive website prototype. More soon! ︎

︎︎︎ I have prototyped a minimalist-style landing page in Figma with the use of 3D abstract objects I designed in Womp. The concept behind the UX design revolves around the mission to tell a story, show case studies and sell workshops for an imaginary AI design studio 

︎︎︎ Landing page concept
︎︎︎ 3D shapes

︎︎︎ 3D scene

︎︎︎ More 3D shapes