Celine UX Design Concept

Art direction, photography, motion graphics, UX design

BA Project, originally 2020, re-adapted in 2022

︎︎︎ Creative Direction: I have directed and produced an editorial campaign featuring 5 complete looks. The ethos of the editorial was shot during the 2020 lockdown and therefore inspired by the situation’s implication on creative industries and the desire to ‘bloom’ no matter the circumstances.

︎︎︎ UX Design: With the use of Figma, I have created a fully responsive web design based on Celine’s 2020 digital direction.  The outcome features videos, gifs and product animations; spanning across desktop and mobile versions.

Campaign credits ︎︎︎

Model — Anastassia Ignasova

Mua — Sasha Sedyuk

︎︎︎ Desktop version
︎︎︎ Desktop version in use

︎︎︎ A responsive and adaptive UX design for desktop and tablet versions →

︎︎︎Responsive UX design for mobile version 

︎︎︎Mobile version in use

︎︎︎See full design concept in use